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The individuals coming into the workplace now have a completely different set of demands and expectations than those of 10, 15, 20+ years ago.

 Businesses need to change if they are to attract the best and smartest new talent.  I am referring, of course, to 16-20 year olds who are leaving school or further education and looking for a career.

I’m 44 years old and used a keyboard for the first time when I was 14. Those coming into the workplace now have been “tech savvy” since the age of 4! It’s a changing workforce.

Most teenagers now do not even have an email address. They communicate with their peers using social media messaging platforms (e.g. SnapChat, Instagram).

The demands of an employee from a prospective employer have changed hugely over recent years. The biggest climber? Technology!

Expectations of an Employee on Employer
1. Money
2. Technology
3. Culture
4. Place of work
5. Colleagues
6. Career opportunity
7. Organisational reputation
8. Fun
9. Social aspects
10. Social responsibility

25 years ago when I landed my first full time job ‘technology’ would have been at the bottom, if on the list at all.

Businesses (SMB to corporate) need to provide workplace technology that can attract talent. If you provide a new employee with a 5-year-old slow Windows 7 laptop there is a good chance they will walk for that reason alone. Gone are the days of “make do”.

My advice to businesses – Seriously consider offering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to your staff. It’s relatively easy to provide secure business systems that allow connection from non-company owned devices. Think of the cost saving it your employees WANTED to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops! Subliminally this will also raise employee productivity by enhancing a better work / life balance by allowing “work” outwith office hours.

You will notice employees electronically connecting on various social media platforms which promotes team work and social interaction.

Tech ready your business for the next generation.

Rob Hamilton, Dynamic Edge @Dynamic_Rob

Take steps to fend off cyber attacks, says Dynamic Edge Expert

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By Steve Smith, Dundee-based business development manager at Dynamic Edge

It’s not just businesses as big as Talk Talk who can be susceptible to cyber attacks, any company – small, medium or large could fall victim to a breach of security.

A recent survey of procurement managers conducted by KPMG showed that SMEs run the risk of losing out on business because they are not focussed enough on protecting client data.

The survey found that 94% of those asked were concerned about cyber security, while 86% said they that they would consider removing suppliers of SME size if they were to be hacked.

It’s not surprising that major companies are thinking about about cyber security, they should be, but it is concerning that smaller businesses could suffer in the long-term if they don’t take the matter seriously and act accordingly.

It really is vital that all businesses now place emphasis on preventing cyber attacks and look after the data of their clients.

Taking simple precautions such as changing passwords periodically, making sure that a firewall is turned on, installing an anti-spyware solution, as well as keeping software and operating systems up to date can make all the difference.   Most importantly, however, is training. All members of your team should be kept up-to-date with safety procedures and know how to protect themselves and the business from a threat.

Larger firms looking to use the services of SME suppliers may be more inclined to opt for a company that is investing in data security by working with a reliable and reputable technology partner.

By seeking the help of a trusted IT firm, who has the relevant expertise, equipment and experience, firms can proactively protect their business’ critical systems and information.