The Importance of using a Content Management System when developing a website

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At Dynamic Edge, our software development team use Kentico CMS. Here are the reasons why –

Rapid website development

Kentico allows the web developer to quickly build websites using its ready to use web parts which cover a wide range of functionality. It is also possible to create your own web parts and reuse them for various projects.

Kentico offers an extensive API (Application Programming Interface) which can be extended to create custom page templates, modules and forms.


Easy to use editing interface

The page editor interface allows the ease of entering content and the WYSIWYG editor toolbar allows the user to insert images directly from your computer.

The image once inserted it can be edited to the user requirements but can be easily reverted back to the original as it is stored on the server in case you want to change the size.

The editor also allows you to insert other objects such as video and widgets including forms, polls and custom controls which are easily configurable by the user interface.

Content can be pasted from word and other applications. You can either paste it as plain text or you have the editor automatically clean the text and remove any unwanted formatting elements from the source code.


SEO Optimisation

Kentico has built in features that make it easy to enter SEO-related data such as the page title, description and keywords or can be automatically populated based on data in the CMS.

You can define a custom page URL for a page which allows you to optimise it for search engines or can be used to redirect you to the correct location of the page.

Kentico automatically generates a sitemap XML which is a list of accessible URLs for your website which allows search engines to index your website and improve its ranking.

You are able to customise the page URLs to be extension less or a specific extension for your website .htm .html etc.

Always Be Closing

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“Always be closing”

Probably the most fitting movie quote for this topic. CRM – Customer Relationship Management software.

 If you are based in Aberdeen in 2016 – the most important aspect to your business is probably your sales pipeline. Many businesses have been hit hard by the sharp drop in oil price over the last 18 months so every sale counts and your business should always be closing.

How can CRM help with this task?

It’s fairly simple.

Having the correct CRM in place allows your sales team to stay focused on their sales pipeline. Keep organised and track all activity relating to each opportunity that lands on their desk.

Recording sales activities in the CRM system has a big benefit to the business and if your sales team can get into the habit of doing this the value of the system will be outstanding.

Management has the ability to keep track of all activity in from the sales team and generate reports that assist in making better business decisions in the current climate.

An example report might be looking back at sales activity over the past 12 months, refining the report to produce what your most popular service/product is and to which industry sector. Combine this with key sales individuals that you know will close this in a certain ratio of opportunities and you are set to weather the storm.