Dynamic Edge co-hosts first Scottish Business Network event in Aberdeen

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This month marked the first ever Scottish Business Network (SBN) event to be held in Aberdeen. In September 2017, Dynamic Edge and business growth agency Wired Studio hosted an evening event designed to assist North-East companies who are considering expanding into the London market.

Having just opened an office each in the UK capital, both Dynamic Edge and Wired Studio were well placed to host the evening, and introduce a respectable series of keynote speakers.

On the evening, 40 delegates packed a room at the Crowne Plaza hotel at Aberdeen Airport to hear how two local companies had made use of the SBN’s support, and from the keynote speakers – starting with SBN co-founder Russell Dalgleish. Russell explained to the eager crowd how the Network could support local companies who are looking to tap into the lucrative London market, with the event formatted in a similar style to the monthly SBN events held in the City of London.

Russell introduced Hunter Adams’ Head of Talent and Organisational Development, Gary Paterson. Addressing the room, Gary spoke enthusiastically of Hunter Adams’ venture into the London market which started in 2014. Three years on, business is booming with the HR specialists serving an impressive client base including the likes of BP, Four Seasons Hotels and Aegon UK from their capital office.

Next to the stage was a well-known local and international business figure, former Wood Group CEO and now Business Advisor at local consultancy firm AB15, Bob Keiller. Speaking eloquently with an air of many years of experience at the top, Bob outlined some of the fundamentals of expanding your business, and how networks such as SBN and his consultancy could afford local entrepreneurs the tools and expertise to develop into new markets nationally and internationally.

The final speaker at the Aberdeen Airport Crowne Plaza was Jon Matthews, Head of Finance and Commercial for the company just down the road from the venue – Aberdeen International Airport. Jon knew a fair bit about London, with it being the airport’s most popular market with a staggering 94 London flights every week. Jon spoke about how connectivity to national and international markets such as London are crucial to local economies, and how the complicated airport eco-system is sustained on such business.

As the event ended, questions from all angles came pouring in from an enthusiastic audience, optimistically asking about the intricacies of expansion out-with the North-East and the benefits this offers. The responses were heard loud and clear, whether you work in the IT industry like Dynamic Edge, marketing like Wired Studio, or any other sector, there is a wealth of support available to help your business grow into new markets – and the Scottish Business Network is a great place to start.

Leaving the room there was an underlying feeling that although this may have been the first SBN event to be held in Aberdeen, it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

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Supercharge your business internet connection with fibre2business

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In today’s hyper-connected digital world, businesses need to be online and available 24/7. It has become expected that clients and suppliers alike are able to seamlessly stream video calls, connect to cloud services and share important documents in real time.

In the past “IT issues” such as a slow and unreliable internet connection may have been considered understandable and even joked about as businesses tried to synch up together online. Not anymore.

The modern business is a well-oiled digital machine, with employees connected and mobile, documents hosted in the cloud and accessible, and with 100% uptime a necessity, not a nice to have. These businesses understand that a stable, high-speed network connection is the fuel that keeps them online and their services operational.


Introducing fibre2business – a high speed, uncontested business grade internet connectivity solution for Inverness and the surrounding area

As the networking landscape across the UK develops, internet service providers (ISPs) boast about “super-fast, reliable broadband” and “speeds of up to 1,000 megabytes per second”. This is great if you live in Canary Wharf or Central London, but what about the rest of us?

It is no secret that as a rule of thumb, the further north you go, the more unreliable and slower the broadband service on offer. Also true is the more rural the community, the higher the chance the service offered by the ISP will be sub-standard. So what for the businesses based in the far north of Scotland in cities such as Inverness? How can they compete when it comes to something as basic but fundamental as high-speed connectivity to the internet? The answer is here and it’s called fibre2business by Dynamic Edge.

Available to companies of all sizes in the region, fibre2business is a game-changer in connectivity. Offering a dedicated business grade fibre connection, that is uncontended and exclusive, meaning you lease the line and never compete for bandwidth as you would with a traditional broadband offering. fibre2business customers enjoy the comfort of knowing their high-speed fibre connection is always available, exclusive, and bandwidth is never shared – eliminating the traditional “peak time” slowdowns that are all too common with today’s broadband services.

With fibre2business, you’re guaranteed a fully managed ultra-high-speed network connection 24/7.  No longer will you be hampered by data usage caps or sharing your fibre bandwidth with up to 50 other customers – fibre2business puts you back in the driving seat and empowers you and your employees with an exclusive network connection that reflects the importance of your business.


How does it work?

You could be excused for hearing the words “dedicated leased line” and thinking that fibre2business will both pricey and complicated to set-up. Fortunately, this is not the case – fibre2business comes with a fully-managed set-up and dedicated account management, and Dynamic Edge’s team of highly-qualified IT and telecoms engineers will handle your seamless transition from start to finish with absolutely zero downtime to your business.  We provide the kit, too – the very latest in cutting edge, reliable CISCO networking hardware – all installed on-site to your business as part of the service offering. As for the cost of fibre2business, we’ve made that accessible too at just £349 connection fee and £349 a month thereafter, when you take a three-year contract.

Now is the time to put your business on the front foot with online connectivity, escape the crowds with an uncontended network and enjoy access to a business grade ultra-high-speed connection that sets you and your employees free!  Chat to one of the Dynamic Edge team today for a no-obligation network health-check and understand how fibre2business can help you today.