4 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

If you’ve never considered cloud computing then you probably don’t understand the multiple benefits and cost savings associated with cloud solutions. Migrating to the cloud is often viewed by some businesses as a huge effort which doesn’t need to be prioritised – but resisting the change could do more harm than good. Cloud service providers have been around for almost a decade now, helping companies collaborate easier and improve productivity.

Still not convinced? Read on for our top four reasons for making the transition to the cloud.

Save on infrastructure and running costs

It can be very difficult for companies to find large sums of money to invest in IT hardware and infrastructure when it is required. Moving to a cloud based infrastructure allows businesses to manage IT expenditure more effectively, without the need to invest so often. Cloud service providers offer pay-as-you-go packages usually with a monthly fee, so it’s easy for IT departments to plan for spending and manage budgets.


Businesses and employees are constantly craving more flexibility in terms of working hours and locations. Nowadays it is just not feasible to save all company files and data on a hard drive which is only accessible in the office. The cloud lets companies adapt to flexible working, so employees can work anywhere, anytime.

Greater collaboration

As well as a greater collaboration between employees, cloud services bring together freelancers and business partners from all over the globe. Documents saved on the cloud in real time can be shared rapidly with anybody you’re working with, allowing for greater teamwork and productivity.


A huge benefit working on the cloud is the ease of scalability. Physically, dealing with demand would mean spending more capital on expanding infrastructure, whereas if the business grows on the cloud it is easy to increase your storage needs. The server capacity will move up and down to adapt to the business requirements. This is also good news for your green credentials – you won’t be wasting energy as the cloud will only use what is needed. Using the cloud can also reduce paper usage for meetings, which is another environmental advantage. If you’d like to find out more about cloud solutions and how your business could benefit from cloud migration, contact Dynamic Edge.