5 Reasons to receive an IT Managed Service

Many clients aren’t sure if an IT managed service is a requirement that their company needs. A common misunderstanding is that it would be more cost effective to get assistance when a problem arises.

We have put together a list of 5 reasons why it is in your best interest to receive a managed service and how we can save your company time and money:

1. Proactive Monitoring

Dynamic Edge take a proactive approach to managing your tech infrastructure. We constantly monitor our customer networks 24/7 and can identify if any problems arise. Our team will then make repairs for you before this becomes an issue for you and your employees. This saves your company downtime that is faced with the traditional, reactive, break and fix support.

2. Fixed Monthly Payment

A fixed monthly fee towards your managed service ensures that you keep IT costs predictable. This makes budgeting easier rather than having to pay out when an issue arises. Dynamic Edge offers a managed service at a reasonable price without any contract, meaning you are not tied down and can opt out at any time.

3. Extension of your IT team

We can complement your in-house IT team by insuring they always have the relevant support. We will cover any absence and holidays and work alongside your IT department to assist in unfamiliar areas and knowledge gaps.

4. Account management

With a managed service IT plan, we take the time to fully understand your business and its systems. Your business benefits from a dedicated account management service, ensuring continuity and providing the opportunity to work together to identify issues and prioritise areas of improvement.

5. Development and innovation

At Dynamic Edge we do not sit still. We are constantly staying on top of the latest IT technologies, and ensure all our managed service clients are the first to hear about new innovations in the constantly evolving digital world. From cloud solutions to virtualisation – if it can save you money and/or make you more efficient, you will be the first to know as a managed service client.

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