A few of the many benefits when you choose Dynamic Edge as your cloud computing partner…

Just as with the introduction of computers and the internet, cloud computing has changed the way we do business. In a fast-moving and increasingly mobile digital world, IT solutions need to be dynamic, smart and holistic – enter cloud computing.The word “cloud” can easily be exchanged for “on the internet”, and this is the basis behind cloud computing, it’s taking your traditional desktop/locally installed hardware and software, and moving it all online, or “into the cloud”.But what are the benefits of this approach, we hear you ask… In honesty there are far too many to list, but here are a few highlights to get you started!


    1. Be “always online”
      Cloud computing allows staff to be online wherever they are,in a “mobile desktop” of sorts. If there’s an internet connection available, a cloud-driven IT set-up provides staff with all of the facilities commonly associated with the office, from email to Excel, and everything in between, if it’s in the cloud, it’s with you.
    2. Disaster? What disaster?
      In the era of cyber security and high profile IT malfunctions, it is important that businesses of all sizes have a robust, tried and tested disaster recovery plan. Sounds expensive, right? Not with the cloud. No more are companies required to back-up expensive on-site hardware to ensure business continuity. Instead, cloud solutions allow for data recovery and back-ups to happen in an online environment – saving time and money should the worst happen.
    3. Automatic software updates
      With your company’s servers off site and out of mind, important software updates such as security changes are handled by the supplier at server level and not your IT staff on-site. This gives companies using cloud solution the peace of mind that all systems are fully up to date and secure, and gives your IT staff the freedom to focus on more important things, like growing your business…Sound interesting? Arrange a coffee with us and we’ll happily talk you through the many other benefits you could be taking advantage of with Dynamic Edge’s cloud solutions. We guarantee you’ll realise business efficiencies instantly and the only question you’ll have will be “why didn’t we do this sooner?!”