A Game Changer in Commercial Printing…

At Dynamic Edge, we make it our business to keep our ‘finger on the pulse’ when it comes to IT developments that could benefit our clients. One of the exciting upcoming innovations on the horizon is in the world of printing, and being delivered by respected IT brand, HP.

Named “HP PageWide”, this new series of hardware will deliver a truly game-changing printing experience for commercial customers. The PageWide series has been created to take away some of the traditional pain points of printing such as time, money and technical limitations.

The benefits of these systems are vast, but to name a few of the ones we’re most excited about – see below:

  • Cost saving: Production time can be radically reduced with the HP PageWide series. Many what-would-be complicated, large format technical documents can be produced in a customisable and easy-to-use workflow, and printed quickly in either black and white or colour variations – all with one device.
  • Efficiencies: With the PageWide series, there is a sense of immediacy as the machines require no warm up before commencing the print job, regardless of complexity. Moreover, the printers can produce up to 30 double-sided A1 format pages per minute!
  • Adaptability: PageWide printers produce extremely high-quality monochrome or colour documents in a variety of formats such as large technical drawings. Even historically outsourced jobs such as professional posters can now be printed with end-to-end colour and an unrivalled finish.

Please get in touch with the Dynamic Edge team if you want to discuss this new technology. Alternatively, find out more about the HP PageWide series here.