A review of Microsoft Office 365, by Sammy Aberdein, Dynamic Edge

Recently we welcomed a new team member to Dynamic Edge. Sammy Aberdein joined us as an Admin Assistant in our Aberdeen office, and we thought what better person to test out and review Microsoft Office 365 – one of the most popular products that we support. Here’s what she wrote…

Starting out at Dynamic Edge and being relatively new to the Office 365 platform, I found making use of the online training videos that Microsoft provide on their website was beneficial for myself in learning about the product and could very well be for others in my position. Whether you are brand new to Office 365 or even if you have limited experience using it, these videos seem to be very effective for those wishing to build their skillset.

In terms of videos detailing features of the product, personally, I found that the “store, share and collaborate” function was the most interesting, as it gave me a further insight to the cloud and how Microsoft are bringing its benefits to users of their products. Cloud technology is growing at an exponential rate, and I feel that with myself being so involved in the IT sector it’s very important for me to fully understand how to use it properly and efficiently. This section also includes how to co-author Office 365 files which many businesses benefit from on a day to day basis and it also brings an even more valued sense of teamwork to the workplace.

Another area of the training that I found myself engrossed in was the adding and formatting tables section. If you’re someone like me who’s trying to find their feet in using software such as Excel or Word, this will help introduce you to all the basics you need to know for getting started off. Some further useful tips I gained understanding of from the training videos were things like keyboard shortcuts, finding and replacing text and the spell checker. All of which are very helpful, and it certainly saves you a lot of time and hassle. I would highly recommend these training videos to anyone who wants to develop their understanding of Office 365, as I’ve learned a great deal having started off as a newbie.

Check out the Office 365 training videos here.

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Sammy Aberdein,

Dynamic Edge Admin Assistant,

April 2019