Give your Business a Compliance Health Check

Companies today operate under strict regulatory conditions. Complying with these regulations can be daunting, but failure to do so can have serious implications. Managing compliance, therefore, is imperative. Microsoft offers Compliance Manager, a unique cross-Microsoft-Cloud tool, that allows organisations to manage and navigate the complex terrain of regulations.  

Who is Compliance Manager For? 

Compliance Manager is for any company or organisation that needs a proactive tool to assess, track and verify regulatory compliance and assign tasks related to the same. Anyone who must comply with regulations or standards (i.e. GDPR) would benefit from this tool.

What are Compliance Manager’s built-in features? 

Compliance Manager features various tools to help your business comply with regulations and standards pertinent to data protection and security. Here are three specific capabilities featured:

 Assessment – The tool allows you to assess compliance from one place. Risk assessments  are conducted on an ongoing basis.

Protection – Users can protect data across all devices, applications, and cloud services by using encryption, controlling access, and implementing information governance. 

Response – Users can respond to regulatory requests through the incorporation of eDiscovery and auditing tools that allow you to locate relevant data for meaningful responses.


How does Compliance Manager Work?

Compliance Manager works by utilising a single dashboard to see compliance stature. The dashboard provides summaries of your company’s assessments and action items. From those summaries, you can access controls and tools like exporting data to Excel.

Compliance Manager enables you to assess your organization against your relevant regulations and standards, using Office 365, Azure, or Dynamic 365. From these assessments, you receive actionable insights and detailed information about what Microsoft does to secure your data and help you comply with regulations.


On the Assessments page, you are provided snapshots of your company’s compliance with specific regulations and standards. For instance, compliance snapshots of your company will identify your overall compliance with regulations such as GDPR or standards associated with ISO. Each category is provided a “Compliance Score,” and the higher the score, the better your compliance status. 

On the same page, you are also provided with snapshots of assessments for each of these same categories. An Assessment Status is provided to let you know the status of the current assessment. Under each of these snapshots, you are additionally informed of:

  •  The created date
  •  The modified date
  •  The number of customer-managed actions and the number of those actions that have been addressed

Action Items

This page provides guidance on actions that could or should be taken to increase your Compliance Score. These are recommendations and are up to the company to implement.


Controls are the core of how Compliance Manager works. There are two controls: Microsoft and Customer.

Microsoft managed controls is a set of controls that align your company assessments with the standards and regulations. They are managed controls used to implement the assessment and assess compliance. Customer-managed controls, on the other hand, are controls that you as an organisation manage. Here, you can implement actions recommended by Microsoft to increase your Compliance Score.

Compliance Manager is a tool to simplify compliance for organisations. It offers real solutions to a complex problem.

If you currently use Microsoft 365 and are interested in a Compliance Manager health check with one of our specialists, please let us know.

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