Your IT resolutions for 2019

As we round off another year and march towards 2019, Dynamic Edge would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.  To celebrate the year 2019 – and our tenth anniversary! – we’ve pulled together some top IT new year’s resolutions to bring in the bells…

Resolution one – Be more efficient with cloud technology

Cloud technology has been one of the most fundamentally game-changing developments in IT for many years. Thousands of businesses are realising the benefits of migrating systems and services to the cloud. Business efficiencies are vast and include being able to synchronise your companies’ files and data, calendars and email. Software  and security updates are on-going, and staff can be truly mobile, logging into their personalised portal from anywhere, and on any enabled device.

Dynamic Edge have migrated companies of all sizes onto the cloud, who now benefit from the likes of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure.


Resolution two – Be prepared, and safeguard your critical systems

In a world where so much of your critical data and systems is stored online or on your hard drive, it is more crucial than ever that your company is prepared if the worst was to happen. Sadly, things like power outages, data breaches, infrastructure failure, fire and water damage can and do happen.

Of course, often these things can be avoided altogether with proactive monitoring of systems, but for the occasions where they can’t – it’s crucial that you’re prepared and have a plan in place.

Dynamic Edge provide back-up, disaster recovery, and business continuity services to get you back-up and running easily and ensure you are prepared for any eventuality. We provide proactive monitoring so that more often than not, the problem is spotted and fixed before you know it even existed!


Resolution three – Cut out unnecessary IT costs

Even in the year 2019, companies are using technology in an inefficient and costly manner, and it needn’t be this way!

There are many examples but some of the most widespread include traditional PBX phone systems – where companies are billed for their line rental, calls, network changes and maintenance.

The great news is these and many other drains on time and money can now be avoided, and Dynamic Edge’s expert team can help.


Resolution four – Use technology as an enabler, not a hinderance

Whatever the size of your business, one of your most important focus areas should be business growth. Starting out or scaling up can sometimes be difficult, especially when it comes to providing the right technology to staff and to enable support services. We’ve seen it hundreds of times, common tech pitfalls like:

  • Enabling internet services
  • Adding new phone lines
  • Relocating offices
  • Installing the latest hardware

Done well, technology can enable and accelerate business growth, but the tech itself should not be a barrier to achieving this.  At Dynamic Edge we can provide training, IT strategy, and end-to-end managed services to allow you to focus on the thing that matters most – your business growth.


Are you ready to up your IT game in 2019? Give us a call and discuss how we can help you fulfil your new year’s resolutions this year and beyond.

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