Connect to increased security, says Dynamic Edge expert

Businesses could be leaving themselves vulnerable to illicit ‘cyber’ attacks unless they take decisive action.

One of the largest independent IT firms in the North of Scotland, Dynamic Edge has urged companies to take proactive steps to protect their systems against external threats.

The issue recently came to light when a north-east business was left facing a five-figure bill after illicit phone calls were made after its phone system was compromised.

Matt Yeoman, business development consultant at Dynamic Edge, specialises in cloud computing technology and hosted voice solutions. He is well aware of the communications challenges faced by businesses that either lack the most effective systems or possess ageing infrastructure.

Matt said: “While more and more businesses are embracing new technology, there are unfortunately still examples of companies falling foul of malicious attacks from outside threats.

“Organisations whose phone systems are perhaps five years old or more are potentially at risk. This is because they are most likely using a physical Private Branch Exchange (PBX); basically, a black box that sits in your premises and stores all kinds of sensitive data and connections.

“This traditional model is far less secure than a cloud-based system which is monitored at all times, without the need for physical checks, and removes the liability from the business.

“Not only do these hosted voice solutions offer better safety and reduced vulnerability, but fraud protection and disaster recovery comes as standard – meaning businesses can have peace of mind all year round.

“Companies of all sizes should ensure they are fully protected against any kind of harmful activity. By working with a trusted partner, who has the relevant expertise, firms can proactively protect their business critical systems and information.

“That way they won’t be left to foot an unwelcome bill.”

Hosted telephone systems sit in a network data centre – known as the cloud – rather than taking up physical space in the business’ premises. Users make calls through their data connection, rather than via a PBX (private branch exchange), which removes associated upgrade and maintenance costs at every site.