Disaster strikes! What do you do when your company IT fails?

Have you ever sat at home and suddenly that show you’re watching, or music you’re streaming just seems to… cut out?  Chances are your home broadband is the culprit and a simple router reset will get you back up and dancing in no time.

But what about when the same thing happens in your business, and this time it’s not so simple as simply pressing “reset” on a blinking box.  Imagine the scene, as staff begin asking why they’re not receiving emails, not sure which meeting they’re meant to be attending and unable to process purchase orders on time.  The truth is these days your company’s IT is the lifeblood of your organisation and what keeps things ticking away smoothly – but what about when the worst happens? A complete IT outage.

Thankfully there are many solutions for businesses of all sizes to ensure that when things go a bit “Pete Tong”, there’s a documented and easy to follow process to get you back on your feet quickly and efficiently, with the minimum fuss and loss to your IT services.

At Dynamic Edge we specialise in disaster recovery planning and processes to take the stress out of any downtime.  In fact, our managed services proactively and remotely monitor your systems so that in the vast majority of occasions, any issues are identified and resolved before they have a chance to disrupt your business systems.

Furthermore, we take the time to really understand your needs and tailor a disaster recovery plan that works within your specific business – taking account of available resources and budget, no matter how small!  Dynamic Edge deploy disaster recovery strategies such as database back-ups and load-balanced, resilient hosting services, meaning your business can be “rolled back” to any point in the past or scaled up or down accordingly during times where your bandwidth is strained.

Once we’ve got your IT rolled-back, your systems are restored and your staff can continue working with no noticeable difference in service.  At this point Dynamic Edge will provide your IT team with a comprehensive report after a full investigation into the cause of failure – complete with preventative actions to avoid any future occurrences.

So will you wait until disaster strikes, or is now the time to start preparing in case of the worst happening?  Give Dynamic Edge a call and we’ll grab a coffee with you so that if things do go pear-shaped, you come out smelling of roses!