Dynamic Edge Inverness: Our favourite things about the Scottish Highlands

Dynamic Edge has been supplying IT support to companies around Inverness and the Scottish Highlands for many years, and we absolutely love this naturally beautiful part of the world, so much so that we have a long-standing office there!  We’ve asked our staff and pulled together five of our favourite things about Inverness:


1. An awe-inspiring landscape

Inverness is set in the heart of the world-renowned Scottish Highlands and the city is just a stone’s throw from stunning natural wonders, including rolling luscious green hills, freshwater lochs and even medieval architecture. A must-visit is Urquhart Castle, an impressive fortress said to be built as early as the 13th century and set on the beautiful banks of Loch Ness, the perfect backdrop for exploration.


2. The Highland Games

What could be more traditionally Scottish than the Highland Games in the actual Scottish Highlands? There are multiple Games spread across the summer where spectators can expect to see athletes taking part in long-time Scottish traditional challenges such as “tossing the caber” – where the competitors see who can fling an impressive tree trunk the furthest distance, and the perennial favourite “tug of war”. If that’s not enough to draw you to the event, there is also bagpipe bands, dance and musical performances, and plenty of locally-sourced food and drink options to be had at the Highland Games.


3. Enjoying the city centre

Inverness City Centre is a fabulous example of Scottish tradition and rich culture. After a day of providing IT support to clients we love nothing more than spending time in the city walking amongst Gothic churches and castles, picking up some unique fare at local markets, or enjoying live music and a refreshing drink in a historic tavern. Our favourite has to be Gellions Bar, which was founded way back in 1841 and still hosts a weekly ceilidh featuring live traditional folk music served alongside local single malt whiskies and Scottish dancing.


4. Drive the North Coast 500

This 516 mile stretch of road has to be one of the world’s best, and being an IT company based right in the central hub of the route, Inverness, we often take the time to jump in the car and explore this amazing region. From the varied wildlife and stunning seascapes of Sutherland, to 8 day whisky pilgrimages for the single malt connoisseur, and loads more… there’s an itinerary suited for you and your family just on the doorstep of Inverness.


5. Loch Ness!

How could we write a top 5 article about the joys of Inverness and not mention the elephant (monster) in the room…? Loch Ness and its elusive monster is famous worldwide as both an awe-inspiring natural environment and a thing of lore and legend. Head to Loch Ness and see if you can uncover the monster for yourself, and if not, don’t worry, there’s plenty to see, do and explore whilst you’re there, perfect for a day out with the family!

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