Dynamic Edge wins body weight in Tunnock’s chocolate!

Staff at Dynamic Edge got a sweet surprise recently when coming into the office, only to find their “body weight in chocolate” piled up and ready to be shared and enjoyed! 

 Back in May, Dynamic Edge CEO Rob Hamilton and Managing Director Stuart Winterburn were attending a dinner as sponsors for London Scottish FC, when they came across an interesting opportunity – the chance to bid in a silent auction for a gigantic haul of Tunnock’s chocolate.  Equivalent to the body weight of the winner (up to a maximum of 15 stone!!), the temptation was too much for Rob and Stuart who decided to make a bid. 

 A few weeks passed before an email arrived – and Rob was pleasantly surprised to learn they had won the chocolates which were going to be delivered soon. Rob and Stuart were delighted as soon they would be able to share out delicious Scottish Tunnock’s chocolate – famous for products such as tea cakes, caramel wafers and snowballs.   

 Speaking to Tunnock’s Managing Director Fergus Loudon, Rob was able to negotiate a mixed variety of chocolate that included milk, dark and Rob’s personal favourite, the chocolate log.   

 The boxes have now been delivered and shared between the teams at Dynamic Edge’s Aberdeen, Inverness and Guildford offices – who received 5 stone each! Staff have been told to help themselves to as much sweet chocolate as they like, but been reminded of the importance of maintaining the “Healthy Employer of the Year 2019” accolade!