Insider view – Top 5 tools for remote working

By Leeza Stewart, Marketing Consultant at Dynamic Edge

Remote working has always been something that we have encouraged; where appropriate, amongst staff and clients at Dynamic Edge and is a particularly hot topic during this challenging time. We’ve taken some time to out to speak to one of our team who works remotely as a marketing consultant to understand the benefits this can bring.

I had worked in the Dynamic Edge Aberdeen office in the capacity of Marketing Coordinator for little over a year when I decided it would beneficial to both myself and the company to continue my work from home; to promote more flexible working hours and efficiencies as a Marketing Consultant.

The rising popularity of remote and flexible working is not surprising as current and emerging cloud solutions have allowed staff and contractors to easily stay connected with their colleagues with an array of communication and file sharing tools. Working for an IT company that use and promote these tools as part of their service offering was certainly beneficial in the change from office to home. This is because I knew how to operate these systems; a transition that may have been a lot more daunting with previous companies I have worked with who operate more traditional and ‘clunky’ systems with no access to the cloud. Let me tell you… it’s not daunting in the slightest. It is actually really simple!

In this article I’ve outlined my top 5 programs and systems that have made remote working more effective than ever before for me:

  1. Microsoft Teams

Part of Microsoft’s “Office 365” platform (more on that later), Teams was quite literally designed to facilitate remote working. With Teams, staff in multiple locations can connect in real-time with ease – sharing files, high definition video conferencing, collaborating on documents and much more.  Teams is the ultimate essential for remote working and staying connected with colleagues and other stakeholders.

2. SharePoint 

SharePoint is one of those systems that can be built to support a whole host of functions.  It is commonly used to support the storage of cross-company information in the form of intranet sites and for remote working this can be extremely beneficial.  In my capacity of Marketing Consultant I am able to quickly and easily upload and manage files to be shared with the wider company – everything from written content to graphic design, video projects to campaign plans.  It can all be shared using SharePoint!

3. Office 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 product has been around for quite a few years now but the way it has revolutionised the way companies work is there for all to see.  For remote workers, Office 365 allows quick and easy access to cloud-based everyday applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams – and the beauty of it, no physical installations and the systems all talk to one another!  For me I can create a marketing plan on Excel, pull together a report on Word, present an idea on PowerPoint and collaborate with the wider business via Teams.  Due to these systems being cloud based, access to them is easy and instant, regardless of device or location, and that’s what makes Office 365 great for remote working.

4. Good old Outlook

Some things just get better over time, and that’s certainly the case for Microsoft Outlook.  The age-old email communication tool is the hub of my communication when remote working, connected via a cloud-based address book to all of my contacts and allowing me to easily manage my calendar along with those from the wider team.  Email is still as relevant as it was ten years ago and Outlook is the king of email platforms – and the remote workers’ best friend!

5. Adobe CC

As a marketing professional, it is important that I am able to be creative and pull together engaging and varied content to get across messages and ideas.  Adobe CC (creative cloud) is the industry-leading software that allows me to achieve this – it contains big hitting programs such as Photoshop for graphic design, Illustrator for logos and illustrations and Premiere Pro for video production amongst others.  The cloud-based nature of the software means no physical installation is required and my creative content can be accessed easily from any device simply by signing in!

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Remember, as our motto goes: Work smarter, not harder!

As more and more highly specialized Tech professionals demand flexibility when it comes to their work schedule and location, companies will be forced to reconsider their traditional policies.

The idea of telecommuting and remote employees has been around for a while, but only lately has technology allowed these possibilities to be considered by companies of all sizes across all industries.

Remote work isn’t just convenient for both employers and employees, but studies have shown that it’s also more effective. According to Gallup’s report, employees across various industries who spent 60 to 80 percent of their time working remotely had the highest rates of engagement. As execs become more comfortable with the idea that work is fluid and can happen anywhere at any time, they come to realize that simply having a body to fill a seat for the sake of doing so is no longer worth the expense, nor is it effective in accomplishing goals.

Cloud based solutions have allowed for flexible working

videoconferencing programs, file-sharing platforms, and project management and time-tracking tools, new adaptive analytics and secure data-access technologies are helping employees who work from home, coworking spaces or other locations outside the office

Communication tools such as video and chat allow a team, regardless of location, to work together as if they’re in the same office, he noted. “In many cases, teams in the same city are finding it much more effective to use these technologies than to go into an office,” he added.

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