Introducing DEBS – the new Dynamic Edge Billing System


At Dynamic Edge, part of our mission is to make our clients enjoy greater levels of efficiency when it comes to technology.  That’s why we have sat back and looked at the way we invoice clients for two of our core services – internet access and voice solutions.


Historically the process of passing on charges for these crucial services to our clients has been somewhat laborious to say the least – on average our teams would take around 2 days every month to accurately determine the costs that clients were owe.  This process involved downloading call detail record (known as a CDR) which contains details of every call made, the duration, who the call was to/from, and the associated cost.  The record had many tens of thousands of lines and as such, getting into a presentable format that could be sent out to clients was a massive challenge. To combat this, Dynamic Edge had to invest in a 3rd party billing platform that would help to process the massive amount of data – but of course systems such as these come at an expense.  This is where the idea for DEBS was born.


The Dynamic Edge Billing System (DEBS for short) was created as a way to save on 3rd party costs and labour by the Dynamic Edge team when it comes to billing clients for voice and internet solutions.  This new system automates about 90% of the previous laborious process and has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to create accurate billing for clients – from 2 days to just 3 hours per month!


Dynamic Edge CEO Rob Hamilton commented on the DEBS system: “When we really took a hard look at the process for billing our clients for these two key services, we just thought, ‘enough is enough’.  After mapping out the process as a team, our talented developers devised the DEBS system, cutting out the need for the 3rd party platform and almost completely automating the process.  This means that our clients can now enjoy a more streamlined service and our staff can devote time to other projects that benefit clients.  We are very happy with DEBS.”


Looking to up your efficiency and service with voice or internet connectivity?  Dynamic Edge have over a decade in experience in providing market-leading solutions for clients across the UK.  Get in touch today if you would like to hear more.