5 features in Windows 10 that matter to business.

Last week I presented a 10-minute talk all about the business benefits to Windows 10.  I’ve personally been using the operating system for 6 months now and have a good idea of what I believe are the main benefits.

Windows 1.0 was realised in 1985 by who is the richest man in the world, Mr Bill Gates. Since then there have been a number of different versions of Windows. Prior to 10, was Windows 8 – Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9 altogether as it marks such a big milestone change.

However, if you ask any IT professional you’ll probably get a slightly different answer and that’s mainly due to what a bad reputation Windows 8 actually had.  This was due to the metro interface which confused a lot of Microsoft’s core user base.

Microsoft at the time was trying to cater to the touch screen market and compete with Apple’s iPad. Windows 8 was and still is a bit of a mess.

Windows 10 promises to have taken all the best features from previous operating systems and packaged them into the ultimate operating system experience.

From a business point of view, what are the benefits?

1 Security:

The main selling point to Windows 10 has to be the security.  It is the most secure operating system Microsoft have released.  With windows XP no longer being supported by Microsoft when system vulnerabilities are found your business is wide open to cyber-attacks and viruses.  This is probably the main business reason to upgrade.

2 Snap-to feature:

This allows you to snap up to 4 windows to each corner of your desktop a really handy feature for excel users and accountants with a lot of spreadsheets to cross check.

3 Start menu search

Not only can you search for documents on your computer but you can now search for applications.  Additionally, you can perform web searches from the start menu which is one less click of this mouse to open a search engine.

4 Task View

If you are like me and a have a million different browser tabs open this feature allows you to navigate with ease through the clutter.

5 Azure synchronisation

Are you a big user of Office365?  You can now sync your Windows 10 login desktop with your Office365 account.  This takes away the requirement for local domain controller server to manage profiles & accounts logins.

In summary, there are major benefits to Microsoft’s operating system.  I would advise any business looking to upgrade their systems not only get the technical piece correct with the right IT provider but also implement staff training.

At Dynamic Edge, our Windows 10 upgrade package allow you to have a seamless upgrade from older versions to 10.  We will audit your current systems and make sure hardware and software are compatible.  This also includes the training element so your staff can effectively and efficiently use the new software.

I’m happy just to have a chat and give my advice on this or any other IT matters that you might be considering call me on 07909-115959 and make it happen.

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