Our top 10 apps available on Office 365

At Dynamic Edge we’ve been leading with cloud technology since 2009 and were the first Microsoft partner in the UK to strategically lead with cloud solutions – Microsoft’s words not ours! Office 365 is Microsoft’s flagship cloud platform and comes with a large variety of apps for users to enjoy – 30 currently!

We’ve listed our top 10 favourite apps available in Office 365:


10. Microsoft Planner

An intuitive and fluid app that allows users to visually organise teamwork, set deadlines, assign tasks, and set-up new shared plans.

9. Microsoft StaffHub

A great way to organise and manage your staff. Update rosters, set schedules, request time off and trade shifts. It works from mobile phone too, meaning it’s accessible to deskless and mobile workers.

8. Microsoft Sway

A clever app that allows users to quickly and easily create storytelling presentations. The stories flow seamlessly rather than traditional one slide after another approach.

7. Microsoft Dynamic 365

Dynamics is a comprehensive application platform that helps companies to run cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities – pulling together modules for sales, marketing, customer services etc.

6. Microsoft Forms

The latest offering to all Office 365 users, Forms allows the user to create things like questionnaires and quizzes and evaluate / export responses easily.

5. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a fantastic app that provides staff with the facility to have all of their files and operating system settings stored across devices on a cloud-based company network and synchronised for easy access across devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

4. Microsoft Teams

Teams is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for departments within companies to work efficiently. This app allows users to share and collaborate on files in real-time, hold high quality multi-user conference and video calls, form working groups and instant messenger conversations!

3. Microsoft Office Suite

The classic Microsoft products, but available in the cloud for far greater shared information and synchronisation across applications. Staples of the modern workforce – Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote.

2. Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint allows an entire company to create dedicated sites and workspaces that can be viewed and collaborated on by staff and even external stakeholders. Form groups share documents securely and utilise a library of custom apps and plugins.

1. Microsoft Outlook

The old trusty but still in some cases the best and most used. Outlook has been given a makeover as part of the previously mentioned Microsoft Office Suite. Emails, calendars, to-do-lists and contacts can now be automatically synchronised across all devices and over the internet, making things easier than ever before for staff.


Does all this sound good? Get in touch with Dynamic Edge today to discuss how we can make you our next happy client migrated into the cloud.

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