New advice on Cyber Security – password management

What percentage of your calls to IT are in relation to a forgotten password? In our experience a lot of the support tickets raised by company employees are simple password reset requests from staff requiring access to their software and systems.

The delicate balance between IT security and end user experience has, at times, meant that password management has become an onerous task.  Thankfully, with new guidance emerging from the UK and US Government Cyber Security departments and Microsoft, forgotten password calls may be a thing of the past.

See below for a useful comparison between the current situation and the new guidance for password management in your company:


The new guidance is designed to make things easier for the end user whilst retaining the core element of IT security.  IT teams will be rejoicing in this new approach as it frees them up to focus on developing systems and processes in support of the business, not just helping staff log-in!

How does your company do things when it comes to password management? Are you still adopting the “current” approach, or have you already moved over to the new, more user friendly method?  At Dynamic Edge our team have decades of IT security experience – get in touch if you would like us to perform an audit on your security processes and systems, or train your staff on the new guidance.