Protect your company with data back up and disaster recovery

Back up your company’s data and plan for the worst…

“What if…” might never happen, but what if it does…?

In the days of iCloud, Google Drive, Office 365 and other cloud-based back-up facilities you could be forgiven for thinking “it’ll be fine” if you lose your device, data or your company network suffers an outage… Sadly, however this is not always the case.


For individuals, losing a chunk of data or encountering a corrupt piece of software is certainly inconvenient, but is not necessarily disastrous – but what about when it’s an entire company’s data or the network that is affected? Unfortunately, many companies are still operating using single point of failure backup solutions, where all their business’s data is being stored.


And if it happened to your business, you wouldn’t be alone – here are a few notable examples:


  • British Airways were victim when a power surge affected one of their UK data centres, causing travel chaos during a May bank holiday weekend.
  • In 2011, thieves broke into Vodafone’s UK data centre, stealing network equipment and resulting in thousands of customers losing voice, text and data services on their phones.
  • Halifax and Bank of Scotland were for a six-hour period unable to offer their customers ATM, over the counter, or online banking services as a storm hit their Yorkshire based data centre.


So how can you ensure you don’t join the list of companies who’ve had major IT issues because of no back-up or poor disaster recovery planning? There are many options available including server virtualisation, load-balanced cloud-based hosting, remote monitoring and more…


Dynamic Edge are experts in disaster recovery, IT strategy and data back-up and can talk you through the best options for your business.


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