Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

As part of a partnership with technology giants Microsoft, Dynamic Edge is pleased to announce we will be offering clients implementation and on-going support for the exciting new Surface Hub 2S – an innovative interactive whiteboard and collaboration device that enables “teamwork without boundaries”.

With the emergence and growth of cloud-based team collaboration software and systems, the remote workplace is now an established concept. The Surface Hub 2S enables the remote workplace and makes it even better, turning ordinary places into modern collaboration spaces. In this article we have chosen our favourite features of this exciting new piece of hardware.

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Versatile, sleek, and lightweight design

The Surface Hub 2S is designed to be mobile between spaces with minimal effort. The screen size is generous but despite this, the Hub 2S takes up surprisingly little floorspace. Its diverse options provide a true freestyle experience, meaning it can be easily transported between offices and meeting rooms with no disruption.

Remote teams, together

The Surface Hub 2S really stands out for its ability to create collaborative environments with teams across multiple locations. The Hub 2S enables sharp 4K video conferencing with multiple attendees and crystal-clear sound quality. File sharing, real-time shared document working, and whiteboards are now simple.

Fluid integration with Microsoft and third-party apps

With over 13million daily users, Microsoft’s “Teams” application was already a momentous change for workplace collaboration – and the Surface Hub 2S alongside Microsoft Teams feels like a marriage made in heaven! It does not stop there, though – Hub 2S users can connect easily with the entire repertoire of cloud-based Microsoft apps (such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Planner), but also an impressive list of useful third party software including Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Evernote.

What does the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S do to improve teamwork?

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