Voice over IP

What is Hosted telephony?

If you are using a traditional PBX phone system in your organisation, it could be time to consider moving instead to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that IP cloud telephony offers.

Simply, hosted telephony is a telephone system that resides in the cloud (online) rather than in your office. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone. Calls are made and received over a broadband connection to the Gamma network. From there they are routed to PSTN fixed and mobile devices.

Hosted telephony means no costly PBX maintenance or upgrades. We are responsible for the hardware and software, including system upgrades.

As well as giving your organisation access to low-cost and free IP calling, a hosted system puts a huge range of smart call management features at your fingertips. Mobiles and other devices can also be integrated.

Perhaps most important is the degree of control a hosted system gives you. Your organisation’s entire communications, across multiple sites and countries, can be managed easily, right down to the individual user level, through a simple interface.

Thousands of businesses trust Gamma for their critical voice services – Gamma are one of the largest network carriers of fixed-line voice minutes in the UK. Having direct access to our own network means we can also react faster to your needs. As well as providing basic voice services, Gamma are also the UK’s leading provider of SIP trunking services.

BT have confirmed they will stop taking orders for traditional ISDN lines in 2020, so the time to migrate to VoIP is now.  Read more here.

The benefits of VoIP


No expensive PBX upgrades or maintenance


Better quality and more reliable audio


Low cost and free IP-based calls


Make changes to the network easily


Link to other cloud-based services such as Microsoft Teams


Easily hold conference and video calls with multiple attendees.

Device agnostic

Connect fixed and mobile devices for greater efficiencies.

Why use VoIP?

Traditional phone lines relied on ISDN technology to connect each individual phone to an associated phone line in the wall.  This approach meant that phones were restricted to a physical, wired connection and the phone number was assigned specifically to that line. Of course, this also meant that the job of moving a phone or changing a phone number was typically a physical job carried out by your IT Department.  With hosted voice, these problems are no more…

VoIP telephone systems are hosted in the cloud rather than in your office, and are far more flexible and efficient than ISDN by providing:

  • Calls that are made over IP (the internet), and typically these are free and almost always less costly than over a traditional landline.
  • Complete control of your company’s communications network via a simple interface – create new users, assign numbers, manage devices and more.
  • Users with the ability to keep the same number, regardless of physical location.
  • No costly maintenance often associated with traditional phone networks.
  • Employees with access to a wide and growing range of smart call features – such as team conference calling, screensharing, instant messaging and more.

VoIP is one part of Dynamic Edge’s suite of cloud solutions – which also includes the likes of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Google and Amazon S3.  Smart businesses are already realising the benefits of migrating their wider IT systems into the cloud.

Dynamic Edge have already completed more than 50 ISDN to VoIP migrations, and hundreds more moves into the cloud.  Contact us today, and we’ll offer you free VoIP handsets as part of your transition.

Why your telecoms supplier could be costing you money

Why does hosted cloud telephony give your business more flexibility?

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