IT strategy

Specialist IT support services based in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Stirling, Guildford and Hampshire – serving clients across the UK. Our team of dedicated IT consultants can help your company with everything from technical support to web hosting and cloud technology.

IT training

At Dynamic Edge our staff have combined decades of experience working with a vast array of software and hardware solutions, placing us in an ideal position to roll out bespoke training packages to your business.

Introducing the Dynamic Edge Virtual IT Director.

We recognise that IT is a strategy is an important ‘cog’ in your business. At Dynamic Edge we work with our clients to advise on technologies that fit with business strategy, enhancing employee productivity and maximising uptime. Many businesses don’t have the need or indeed budget for an IT Director – we can provide that expertise.

Is your company in the position where it understands the potential technology offers, but needs support in aligning this with your business objectives? Our Virtual IT Director can help you by assessing your IT systems and processes, and for wider and strategic business planning. Let us assist you by working as an extension of your team, committed to helping you leverage the latest technologies, streamline IT processes, and deliver a strategy that saves you time and money.

Who could benefit from a Virtual IT Director?

  • Companies with C-level execs, or without a full-time IT Director but looking to create and deliver a clear IT strategy for their business
  • Businesses looking to reduce IT overheads or create cost efficiencies
  • If you are have outgrown your IT systems and processes and are looking for a fresh approach

Virtual IT Director benefits:

  • A better understanding of the IT function and potential within the business
  • Better-informed decision making that delivers cost and time efficiencies
  • Working in partnership on specific projects or as required acting as an extension of your management team
  • On-going assessment and delivery of an IT strategy that is bespoke to your business and compliments sustainable growth and development

Not sure how this could fit your business? Get in touch with us and arrange a coffee, we can come and have an informal chat about the latest tech developments and how these could help to drive your IT strategy forward.