Finance and CRM solutions

Why should you choose us to support your finance and CRM systems?


Working closely with many 3rd party finance systems we support and offer a range of services designed to assist in the delivery of robust finance solutions to your organisation. Some of these include:

  • Sage 50 & 200 support.
  • Fully hosted Sage desktop hosting for internal or external clients.
  • Access Accounts support with SQL and data hosting options.


Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM product is our flagship customer relationship management solution. We offer:

  • Implementation of CRM to your business.
  • User training.
  • Full customisations.
  • CRM Support.

The benefits of using us for your financial and CRM systems

Build relationships

Each time someone subscribes to your newsletter, clicks on one of your ads or gets in touch through your website they’re providing you with valuable data for your business. Collecting this data in an CRM system allows you to make smart decisions about who your audience is and how best to reach them.

Strengthen relationships

Finding new customers can be an expensive business. While it’s important to reach new audiences, keeping your current customers active and engaged is equally as important. Consolidating all of your customer data into a CRM platform makes it easy to keep track of them. You’ll always have the information you need to engage with your existing customers.

Optimised mobility

Mobile technologies allow field teams to access CRM data like customer information, recent sales and project updates. Mobile CRM systems have proved to vastly increase sales force productivity. Field based staff can access these details on location, so they can make decisions or reports on the spot, in front of the customer.

Why is expertise for your finance and CRM systems so important?

Other managed IT services

Proactive monitoring

We can monitor your company’s devices and systems to detect and alert of problems as and when they occur preventing any downtime to your business.

Remote and on-site IT support

Our latest technology allows us to solve 90% of clients’ IT issues remotely from our offices in Aberdeen, London, Dundee, and Inverness. We can offer an all-encompassing and flexible on and off-site IT support model for your business.

Outsourcing your IT

Stay connected, reliable, and high speed! We have partnered with Gamma Telecom to supply the latest available high-speed business grade internet services including broadband, fibre ethernet and FTTC ethernet. We provide business grade, low cost, uncontended, high speed access to the Internet with near 100% uptime.

Office 365 migration

Learn how we can assist your business in the migration of your on premise IT systems to the cloud based Office 365 platform and increase efficiencies. Our specialist team can project manage your company throughout the whole migration process.