Proactive monitoring

Why should you choose us to proactively monitor your IT?

Rest assured that your network is fully monitored with Dynamic Edge. We remotely monitor the devices of our clients, be it a PC, Mac, server, router or switch, we keep an eye on it and react to any issues quickly – often before you are even aware of the issue! We can now remotely manage mobile devices; smartphones and tablets too.

How do we do this?

Dynamic Edge provides a cloud based proactive client network management solution. We constantly monitor our customer networks and are made aware immediately via dashboard alert, email or SMS if there is a problem. This means immediate action can be taken rather than waiting for hardware/software to fail and adopting the traditional reactive support model. This service involves installing (remotely) a small client agent on each device. This will report back to our central database on pre-defined intervals and alert according to pre-set thresholds. We will also grant our client access to the system (if requested) and issue regular system reports.

The benefits of proactive monitoring

24/7 monitoring of the network

Rest assured while we keep an eye on your network and all the devices connected to it.

Issues are fixed before downtime

Our monitoring systems allow the detection and resolution of issues before they cause any costly downtime, saving you money and increasing efficiency.

Avoid unnecessary hardware cost

Our monitoring will alert you to issues, avoiding the need to replace hardware unnecessarily.

Dozens of checks carried out every 5 or 15 minutes

We check for everything from memory usage to virus scanning to ensure your network is in the best of health and frequently monitored.

Regular reports to keep track of the network’s status and health

We can give you access to our shared dashboards and will keep you fully up to date with health checks and performance data.

How do we make your business more efficient with pro-active IT monitoring?

Other managed IT services

Remote and on-site IT support

Our latest technology allows us to solve 90% of clients’ IT issues remotely from our offices in Aberdeen, London, Dundee, and Inverness. We can offer an all-encompassing and flexible on and off-site IT support model for your business.

Finance and CRM solutions

Working closely with many 3rd party finance systems we support and offer a range of services designed to assist in the delivery of robust finance solutions to your organisation.

Outsourcing your IT

Stay connected, reliable, and high speed! We have partnered with Gamma Telecom to supply the latest available high-speed business grade internet services including broadband, fibre ethernet and FTTC ethernet. We provide business grade, low cost, uncontended, high speed access to the Internet with near 100% uptime.

Office 365 migration

Learn how we can assist your business in the migration of your on premise IT systems to the cloud based Office 365 platform and increase efficiencies. Our specialist team can project manage your company throughout the whole migration process.