Remote and on-site IT support

Why should you choose us to provide remote and on-site IT support?

Dynamic Edge have always strived to stay ahead of the technology curve. 5 years ago we would be able to resolve 70% of our customer support calls remotely, today it’s closer to 90%. This has been achieved through investment in the very latest remote support technology that allows the Dynamic Edge technical team remote access to servers, network hardware, PC’s, Apple Macs and even smartphone devices.

Not only does this mean customer support calls are resolved more quickly but it means less travel time for clients and the Dynamic Edge team, lowering our carbon footprint.

We acknowledge there will always be a requirement to visit our clients’ sites, which are now at various locations round the globe. Not only does this give us the chance to meet our clients face-to-face but it gives us the chance to talk business strategy and demonstrate technologies that can make us all work smarter. Our offices are based up and down the UK, in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and London, so we’re never that far away from our clients’ offices.

Using the latest in real-time cloud communication technology, Dynamic Edge can be in touch with your company instantly, offering the capability to talk through any IT issues and even remotely access and fix your machine.

The benefits of remote support

Cost saving

We operate on a fixed fee model where our clients pay monthly for our services, providing them with the ability to easily set budgets for IT. Our clients pay for the services they require, rather than for expensive packages with extraneous services they don’t need.

Focus on your business

For many businesses, employees may be required to take on additional IT responsibilities which fall outside of their original roles. As IT responsibilities increase, it becomes very difficult for employees to focus on their primary job role.


Businesses need to scale resources up or down on demand, this is vital to support business growth and development. As a company expands, technology requirements can outgrow available resources. We supply support and services as needed to handle growth or emerging IT problems.

How do we reduce your IT costs and downtime with remote support?

Other managed IT services

Proactive monitoring

We can monitor your company’s devices and systems to detect and alert of problems as and when they occur preventing any downtime to your business.

Finance and CRM solutions

Working closely with many 3rd party finance systems we support and offer a range of services designed to assist in the delivery of robust finance solutions to your organisation.

Outsourcing your IT

Stay connected, reliable, and high speed! We have partnered with Gamma Telecom to supply the latest available high-speed business grade internet services including broadband, fibre ethernet and FTTC ethernet. We provide business grade, low cost, uncontended, high speed access to the Internet with near 100% uptime.

Office 365 migration

Learn how we can assist your business in the migration of your on premise IT systems to the cloud based Office 365 platform and increase efficiencies. Our specialist team can project manage your company throughout the whole migration process.