5 Low Hanging Fruits that will Supercharge your IT

Sometimes with technology it’s difficult to know where to start, let alone where you’re heading. For a lot of companies, IT is something that is seen as a necessary evil to “make things work”, but done correctly, your IT can be a business enabler that can support all other functions and supercharge your productivity.  Here are 5 “low hanging fruits” in the world of IT that will supercharge your business…


1. Cloud technology 

To non-technical people, the “cloud” is a concept shrouded in mystery. To some, it’s a thing we store stuff in – like family photos and documents. Look a bit further and cloud technology can really benefit your business.

Today, there are a huge variety of cloud-based systems available to businesses.  This means software that is accessed remotely using a network connection, rather than stored on a local computer. Programs such Microsoft Office 365, and Skype for Business are examples of such cloud software.

The advantages of this approach are vast – such as removing the need to physically update to the latest software version, online document storage and sharing across employees, real-time instant messaging and shared calendars and project management systems.

Cloud technology allows your employees to be online and connected, everywhere, anytime, and regardless of device.


2. VOIP phone systems

A phone is a phone, right?  Landline devices allow you to make and receive calls, take voicemails, and even transfer to another colleague on the same company network – no need to re-invent the wheel… Wrong!

With modern voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, employers can enjoy substantial cost savings over traditional landline-based networks.  VoIP systems use the internet in place of the landline to operate your company’s phone system.  Aside from cost savings, this approach comes with a variety of other benefits – such as clearer voice audio (think DAB vs. analogue radio); better accessibility to the network – no more patching and node rooms; and upgrades and extra features such as video chat, file exchange, three-way conversations and more.

Time to re-think the traditional landline…


3. A mobile responsive, SEO optimised website 

The company website is your shop window to your products and services, so why do we still see so many websites that are stuck in the dark ages?

The modern customer is a multi-device owner and expects an optimised user experience regardless of device – be it desktop, mobile or tablet. Your website should, as a bare minimum, be responsive to all device types.  Google and other search engines penalise websites which are not responsive, meaning they appear lower in the search engine results – all the more reason to make the change.

Speaking of search engines, another fundamental flaw in many websites is poor search engine optimisation (SEO). Basic developments such as correctly used page titles and meta data, considered use of keywords and a fast loading speed can really help you appear in a nice high position in those all-important search engine results pages and allow your prospective customers to find you easily.


4. Fibre network connectivity 

Almost the definition of a “low hanging fruit”, especially in the world of technology, your connection to the internet is in today’s world one of the most fundamentally important things you can do to optimise your company’s efficiency.  Businesses have so many dependencies on their network and connection to online services such as email, file exchange and finance systems that it is baffling that some companies still have not upgraded to the fastest possible fibre connections.

In simple terms, speed up your network, reduce unnecessary wait time and delays, and increase business productivity and efficiency!


5. Proactive monitoring 

This one might not be so obvious to many, but sometimes it’s best that the technical problems are left to the experts.  Proactive monitoring of your IT systems enables technology companies to set-up alerting systems that keep an eye on your network and can actually identify and solve problems before they have an impact on your business.

This approach allows business managers to manage their business without having to spend time and resource fixing IT problems.


Interested in any of the above?  Dynamic Edge are experts in transforming company IT systems to increase business efficiencies and generate real ROI from technology. contact us to find out more and discuss your IT goals.

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