Teams Direct Routing: Complete Your Business

What is Teams Direct Routing? 

Microsoft Teams have been essential for businesses to continue to communicate and thrive during the ‘new normal’. With their many features, we have been able to share through video meetings, chat channel, document management and app integration. But why should it stop there? Teams Direct Routing takes all the Teams features you love and integrates them with your telephone services.


How does it benefit me?

Staff will be able to make internal and external calls via PSTN (traditional phone network) from anywhere. Whether that be in the office, at home, out in the countryside, or on a sunny Greek island sipping Pina Coladas. This is an ideal tool for remote working as it allows users access to their office phone from anywhere. By combining internal and external communications, you get an easy-to-use platform that has everything you need in one convenient place. 

Moving your telephony to a cloud-based solution, makes it easier to manage. You can easily add and remove Microsoft Teams users, which eliminates the need to manage on-site PBX (business phone system) equipment across offices. This is a huge benefit, especially now, as many businesses are scraping offices and turning to full-time remote working.  

There is no need to worry about acquiring or changing your phone numbers, all existing numbers will be ported to the cloud solution and used globally throughout the business.  

You will be happy to know that moving away from on-premises telephony can reduce costs! Telephony hardware is bulky, expensive and can take an age to install and maintain. Teams Direct Routing instantly removes the need to splash out on expensive hardware every few years. 

Infrastructural changes can be stressful but with direct routing, it can make it a breeze. We can manage your migration in phases meaning you can move users individually or as a group.