The Importance of Being Mobile

In recent years, the geography has changed in regards to business. People will work from coffee shops rather than home offices, meetings happen virtually, and portability is key. However, people will always expect you to have a fixed base that you can always be reachable at – unfortunately, there isn’t currently any way to be in two places at once. The next best thing is to ensure that you can truly take your office anywhere. Below are a few ways to achieve this, to ensure your clients will receive the same experience no matter where you are.

Office 365:

One of the key aspects to making your office mobile is to look into cloud technology. Office 365 allows your emails to be held within Microsoft’s data centres, providing you access wherever you have an internet connection. Many offices still hold their email on a server on site at their office – this can sometimes prevent you from accessing your emails offsite, and if the connection to your office is severed you lose access to your email completely. Office 365 allows you to have access to your emails anywhere for a monthly cost – and to top it off, certain subscriptions also include Word, Excel, Powerpoint among others, which can be accessed on your laptop, mobile device or within the browser.

Hosted Voice:

People will always feel more confident phoning a landline or national number than a mobile – it shows stability and a solid base for a company. However, not everyone will have someone in the office at all times. With a hosted voice system, you can control your call routing in real-time, allowing calls to be routed to any number – landline or mobile. With Auto-Attendants, you can provide automated options that can direct your call to any location. And if you miss your connection, or you can’t make it to your office, you can reroute your calls using the online web portal. This way, your clients can still reach you using your landline number, wherever you are.


The main factor to mobile working is your mobile phone, and data connectivity. 4G connections can now provide speeds comparable to Fibre to the Cabinet connections in many areas. However, there are always areas that each mobile provider cannot get signal – what happens then? We now have a solution. Our mobile offering provides the ability to roam on any network, for voice and text, as well as 3G and 4G data. So, if you travel to a city and find you don’t have signal on your primary network, your phone will automatically search for the network with the best connectivity in your area, and switch across to it, allowing you to continue working. On top of this, business hours voicemail allows you to personalise your messages based on time, and who is calling, so that if you can’t answer a call the caller will know why.

By using a combination of these technologies, you can leave the office knowing that you will not be disconnecting yourself from your business. If you would like to find out more about any of these offerings, please get in touch.