Top 5 IT quick wins for your business

Top 5 IT quick wins for your business

At Dynamic Edge we’ve been the trusted IT partner for hundreds of clients for over a decade, providing expert technical support to businesses across multiple industries up and down the UK. One question that our customers ask us often is “what are your suggestions for IT quick wins that will benefit our business?”, so we thought we would pull together our top five suggestions below:

1. Migrate your IT to cloud services!

In business, cloud services have revolutionised the way we work individually and more importantly as part of dynamic teams. Think seamless multi-location conference calling, real-time file sharing and collaborative editing, shared team planning and much more. The most notorious software in this area is Microsoft Office 365, but the number of cloud-based apps and services is growing at an incredible rate, making almost all business functions more efficient in one way or another.

2. Take cyber security seriously

Cyber security is a huge issue in today’s data-driven digital world. Data has become a hugely valuable commodity that helps modern businesses run smoothly, and with that in mind it is also sadly a target for cyber criminals.

Keeping things secure needn’t be difficult, some quick wins can include simply implementing proactive monitoring services and a robust anti-virus / system back-up for your business. Do this now and should anything go wrong, you’ll be grateful you had the foresight to pre-empt for all eventualities.

3. Ditch old school PBX phone systems

You know those phones that have the lines attached to them, plug into the socket in the wall and have the dial tone for outbound calls to a single number? Sound familiar? Ditch those. Traditional “PBX” landline phones are essentially a thing of the past nowadays, with advancements in “internet phones” or in other words VoIP phone systems, users can expect to make crystal clear quality phone/video calls, loop in colleagues for instant conferences and more. Business owners can rejoice too, as these systems are far less costly to maintain – both in terms of phone lines and call costs.

4. Speed up your network connection

How infuriating is it when you’re sat at home and your internet connection seems to be going at a snail’s pace? Well aside from the obvious annoyances of feeling like you’re paying for a service that is falling below expectations, in business this cost extends further than just your ISP – in the form of lost productivity.

Choose a specialist IT support provider who can facilitate a stable, business grade fibre connection that will supercharge your staff and put an end to slow load times and crashes.

5. Train your teams!

This last one is perhaps the most obvious but could be the most important… Make sure you take the time and care to upskill your teams to adopt and thrive using your fancy new IT systems and processes. Too often we see companies invest significant sums in technology, only to forget to involve those who will be using the new tools – the employees. Your staff are the cogs that keep the wheels turning, and it’s important that when you upgrade your IT system to a V12 engine (or rather 560kW!), you also have drivers pass their test to bring them right up to speed!

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