Why a Managed IT Service is Best

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a managed IT service – it gives the reassurance that when technology goes wrong, problems can be fixed as efficiently as possible by professional IT technicians. By outsourcing your IT support services, your company can also gain access to the latest state of the art equipment, which you might not be able to invest in yourself.

Managed IT services come in all different shapes and sizes. Some businesses require help with IT strategy and hardware, while other organisations may only need remote monitoring and support as it is required. A packaged IT service can be tailored to individual business needs, which is what makes it such an attractive option.

If you’re considering different options for IT support and IT management, read on to find out why an outsourced managed service is usually the best option.

Large resource pool

When choosing a managed IT service, you instantly have access to a large resource pool of multi-skilled IT pros. If you hired a permanent staff member as an IT technician, you only have one pair of hands to look after the entire company – with an IT services company, you have access to an entire team of IT experts. That means a larger skill base for the same price or less than hiring your own.

Expertise and specialist advice

A managed IT service is bespoke, and therefore delivers everything you need from day one. From a successful IT strategy to advice about the latest technology to invest in, a service provider is happy to provide expertise. Most companies don’t have the budget or workload for an IT director or manager, but with a fully managed IT support service, advice is only ever a call away.

Cost effective

Even though businesses are essentially getting more skills and expertise than hiring their own staff, they will see cost savings from choosing a managed IT service. By outsourcing, the company won’t have to pay NI contributions, pension contributions and other benefits which all add up.  Instead of paying one person a