Why Microsoft Teams has grown to 13 million active daily users in just two years…


Two years ago this week, Microsoft rolled-out a game-changing set of integrated cloud-based apps that fundamentally changed the way we do business – Office 365.  One of the most revolutionary apps in the Office 365 suite was Microsoft Teams, a piece of software designed to bring teams within a company together more than ever before.  Teams combines chat, video calling, and file sharing into one central location and has now amassed an impressive 13 million daily active users, testament to its ease of use and convenience in today’s busy working environment.

Teams is now available in 53 languages across an impressive 181 markets, powering teamwork for Microsoft customers all over the world.  Committed to making the product even better, Microsoft have now announced they will be introducing four new areas of capability in their flagship teamwork app:

 1. Prioritised and time-sensitive communications


Make sure that if there is an important message that needs to reach your team, it gets through and it gets read. Teams will soon have the ability to send priority notifications, that alerts chosen recipients of messages that are time-sensitive – with the user receiving an alert every two minutes until a response is received to the message.  This feature will be further enhanced by offering users the chance to see read receipts, indicating that messages have been read by the recipient.


2. Better management of communications within and across teams


Time clock




Teams users will soon be able to showcase announcements – with custom styling options to make the message stand out – an ideal way to introduce a new colleague, share results from a marketing campaign or arrange a team-building event.  Further, communication channels will have the functionality where they can be moderated, for example, to decide whether posts can be replied to, and users will soon be able to cross-channel post – sharing the same message with multiple channels and teams.


3. Schedule management for first line workers and grouped updates

Another new feature being rolled-out now to Teams is schedule management for your workforce. This will allow employees to better manage their clocking-in and out directly from the Teams app, registering breaks and shifts at the tap of a button. Managers can enable a geo-fence feature that ensures staff are on the work-site when they clock in and out.


Communicating with targeted groups of people will be easier too with targeted messaging, where users can now @mention a job role (such as nurses, or engineers), for example.


4. Easily deploy Teams and manage policies for everyone in your organisation

Microsoft have made it easier than ever to deploy Teams, by making it available as part of existing Office 365 ProPlus installations.  IT administrators will also soon have the capability to apply pre-defined policies across all Teams functions – including messaging and meetings, according to your own company IT framework.


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