Why should you migrate to the cloud in 2019?

Nowadays there are so many tech brands competing for our attention, all promising that their service is the best for you and your business.  These brands want you to migrate as much of your data (coupled with a monthly fee) onto their platform as possible.  But what do the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and others have in common?  The answer is their services are on the cloud, and your business can benefit from migrating to the cloud too.

Here are a few reasons you should consider a migration of your business services into the cloud in 2019:


You’ll almost certainly save money

One of the main benefits of cloud (online) technology is that the services are all available to utilise by simply accessing them over the internet. This means that the days of having to manually install and update core software and systems are numbered, along with the historically hefty costs that come with this.  Things like website hosting, communications, email and documents can now be stored online in a secure and dedicated environment for a fraction of the cost.

Your staff will be more mobile and efficient

Cloud software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams have been designed to bring core business services to within easy reach of staff, regardless of location or device. This approach allows employees to be device agnostic and log-in to a personalised virtual desktop that includes staple programs like Outlook and Excel with always available document storage.  Further, communications between teams becomes simple with instant messenger software including Skype for Business – allowing staff to place calls, screenshare, swap documents and more with the touch of a button.

Your data will be backed up

One of the pitfalls of having your company data stored in physical data centre or on-site is that, if a disaster was to happen (think flood or fire), then your precious IT infrastructure is at risk. With the cloud this risk is somewhat mitigated, as your data is stored in a secure online environment and is frequently backed-up.  This means that in the event of a catastrophic system malfunction, you can still “roll-back” and recover your company data.

It could make you more competitive

Migrating to the cloud gives access to enterprise-class technology, for everyone. Pay-as-you-go software and cloud-based business applications mean that smaller companies can now take on the big boys and at the same time, disrupt the market. Cloud enables smaller businesses to act faster than their larger competitors and stay agile and nimble. You can now punch above your weight with the cloud.


At Dynamic Edge, we’ve helped hundreds of clients discover the many benefits that a migration to the cloud can bring.  Get in touch to discuss how we can do the same for your business.